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In a post that was made public on June 26, Redditor ShiftYourCarcass arrived at the same conclusion Diablo IV Boosting.

According to previous calculations, players would need six legendary gems with a 5-star rating to fully outfit a character.

A player would spend approximately $16,600 on a 5-star item, bringing the total cost of a person's best display to approximately $100,000.

The "hidden whale'mechanic' you upgrade a 5/5 star gem to level 10, which is linked to a piece of equipment above rank 6" was previously discovered by ShiftYourCarcass.

Five additional spaces around the jewel will be available as a result of the "enlivening" cycle. By placing five incredible jewels in these spots, the player should bring them up to rank 10.

36 (!) will be needed by a user. for "awakening". instead of just six gems with five stars, so that they can reach their full potential.

"To unlock a gem, the gem must have a grade of 10 and you must purchase an item that can only be purchased in the cash store for dawning echos, which cost about 1000 eternal orbs," the guide says. According to ShiftYourCarcass, each gem awakening costs $30.

As a result, it would take up to $540,000, assuming that each 5-star gem costs $15,000 on average. Additionally cheap Diablo 4 Boosting, the player will need to spend approximately $180 to acquire six sunrise echoes.


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