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Download and Apply Color LUTs in Meta Spark Studio

If you've ever used Instagram, I'm sure you're familiar with filters. Filters are a quick and easy way to adjust the colors and tones of your images and videos. Instagram makes this super easy by providing presets when you are creating a post, but what about for your augmented reality filters? Fortunately there are plenty of resources out there to help make this process super easy. A popular way to do this is with a lookup table, or LUT for short.

download color lut spark ar

Download File:

Be sure to test your color effect on people with varying skin tones. Some LUTs that look good on people with lighter skin will sometimes make darker skin turn very orange. Spark AR has done a good job of including both male and female individuals of various ethnicities in the video selector in the toolbar. Use this to make sure your effect looks good on everyone.

Want to save some time and are looking for free LUTs for Spark AR? I've converted all 38 of Lens Studio's built-in LUTs for use in Spark AR! They are free to download on Gumroad and are compatible with Josh Beckwith's FastColorLUT patch. If you are looking for a little more control over your LUTs, I've modified the FastColorLUT patch to let you control the strength of the LUT; it is also free on Gumroad.

For some pre-made LUTs, take a look at this tutorial by Josh Beckwith. He's graciously provided several pre-made LUTs that you can download and use in your own filters. As he demonstrates in the video, you can use LUTs to not only create some nice aesthetic effects, but also some pretty zany effects too.

This method is a little more complicated, but you can use the patch editor in Spark AR to create color effects without relying on outside software. While it's a more complicated setup, you can integrate specific aspects of your color correction more deeply with the rest of your effect (e.g. change it based on user interaction). For a breakdown of how to do this manually, Spark AR themselves provide a short tutorial on the subject.

With Spark AR, creating your own filter, effect or game doesn't require technical knowledge. With some basic knowledge of the software, you can get straight to creating with one of these turnkey Spark AR patches and templates. Browse these 39 Spark AR filters available for download on Gumroad:

Spark AR Game Flowchart Quiz ( personality type quiz ) template by Projoe AR Filters: Create a flowchart personality quiz with 8 or more results and 7+ questions (depending on the package you choose). This Spark AR game is built from scratch to enable smooth operation, efficiency and customization. Game audio can be included with customizable questions and answers, colors for covers, buttons and more.

[Version 112+] Delivery Man Filter - Spark AR by Maru Studio: The highly anticipated Delivery Man Filter is now available to download. This Spark AR game filter template is updated to work well with Spark AR v112+ and includes all design files and resources. The package includes collision check patches and random runs on the specified axis. With this download, you can quickly get started with the .ARPROJ file and all creative assets.

Spark AR - Render Pass Retouch / Makeup by Spark AR Shaders by Denis Rossiev: The easiest way to use retouch with render passes: this Spark AR effect uses a custom algorithm (which may look different from standard retouch). The effect is available in both render pass retouch and foundation mode with adjustable skin smoothing, skin texture reconstruction, and skin foundation. This patch works with LUT's and any other effects. The download includes three examples: foundation, fast retouch for resource-intensive projects, and high-quality retouch for simpler projects.

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Spark AR Simple Fur v1.2 by Masketing (v114+) by Simple Fur is a quick way to make realistic and pretty fur in Spark AR in 10 minutes. There are two "pipelines" (options) included with this product: one for more detailed model preparation in Blender + Patch, and another for Spark AR (no additional 3D software required). Depending on your task you can decide what pipeline the best for you to work around Spark AR's inherent limitations or bugs. With this download, you'll get the Simple Fur v1.2, example projects (for both pipelines), full video tutorials, as well as the Spark AR template.

Unicorn - Flappy Bee (V120+) by Maru Studio: Play a familiar take on the virally popular game in Spark AR, with Flappy Bee. This game comes with two convenient player option: either "Follow Head" where you move your head to control the bird, or "Blinking": where you blink to help the bird fly. With both modes, there are three themes: Unicorn, Bee & Flowers, and Crazy Bird. You can easily download & customize the assets to design your game for Spark AR, including all creative graphics & the working file.

Spark AR Game Falling Collector Game 2 template by Projoe AR Filters: The second generation of the Falling Collector Game template for Spark AR comes with an intuitive "Game Setting Block" to adjust certain game settings and colors easily with a click of a few buttons. Built from scratch with patches only, this includes the fully-commented patch editor (great for learning and debugging), game audio and compressed textures, with the capability to easily change speed, order of falling (random / normal) and timer.

Spark AR - Eye Brightener / Makeup by Spark AR Shaders by Denis Rossiev: This Spark AR effect beautifully brightens the eyes and emphasizes natural color. The effect properly handles closed eyes and looks better in bright light, with LUT, retouch, and make-up included and adjustable intensity. Try the demo on Instagram to see how it looks. This effect pairs well with the Under Eye Concealer Spark AR effect!

Spark AR - Shine / Sun Rays / God Rays by Spark AR Shaders by Denis Rossiev: Try out this super-trendy volumetric light effect with sun rays! This effect works best when there are light sources, with 3 styles on tap: disperse, rainbow, sunny. You can paint rays in any color, gradient or texture you want. The slider changes intensity. The patch works with LUT, retouch, and other effects (example included).

Stan Contouring Base Beauty .block for Spark AR Studio Magma AR Beauty by MAGMA AR Beauty: Base contouring which works with ANY skin tones: adjust every part of the block with contouring (different layers were used to achieve this effect). No more dark eye circles (AR concealer based on your skin tone color), enhanced skin texture, and no scripting required. To use this, simply add the face mesh with retouch material / shader, then drag-and-drop the .block file into your project.

This collection of 13 free downloads is sure to take you a step closer to making your images as beautiful as possible. Each can be downloaded separately, so you can select which ones you would use. As they say, go make pretty stuff with them!

Simply enter your email address to have these sent to you. It includes a PDF file with instructions on how to use them. Although they are specified for DaVinci Resolve, you can use them in your preferred color grading software.

If you want a quick starting point for color editing in your videos this Jon Olsson pack is all you need! They can be used in different shooting conditions and occasions, basically anything you want to apply these great effects to.

A Lookup Table (LUT) can be used to achieve color correction using a Post Process Volume. Instead of using three one-dimensional (1D) lookup tables, a single three-dimensional (3D) Lookup Table is used. This offers more sophisticated color transformation, which can be used for something like desaturation.

A Lookup Table used in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) is a 16x16x16 color neutral LUT unwrapped to a 256x16 texture. These examples show a color neutral and a sepia toned one. If you were to apply the neutral LUT, you wouldn't see any changesto a default scene in UE4, however, if you used the sepia toned one, you'd get something like this:

To create your own LUT texture, you'll first need an image editing application (like Photoshop or GIMP) that can make color adjustments to a captured image. For this demonstration, the Sun Temple project available in the Epic Games Launcher via the Learn tab will be used, and Photoshop will be the application of choice for the LUT image editing. Some terms may be specificto Photoshop in this example.

In your UE4 project, start by taking at least one screenshot that is representative of your scene that you want to apply color correction too. You can use the Screenshot Tool availablein the Editor to capture a high-resolution image of your scene.

From the Adjustments panel, click any of the icons to add a layer to the Layers panel. You can use these to make specific color corrections to the final image. For this example, Vibrance and Brightness/Contrasts have been added and adjusted. Once these are added to your Layers panel, select them from the list to expose their properties, or if these aren't visible, you can right-click and choose Edit Adjustment to expose them.

Any adjustments you make will be visible in the viewport. Adjust the properties of the Adjustment layers until you get the color correction you desire. In the example below, the adjustments for Vibrance and Brightness/Contrast have been adjusted to give the captured screenshot more color saturation and definition for visual appeal.

Now that you've achieved your desired look with the Adjustment layers, you'll need to open a copy of the Neutral Color LUT on its own. The adjustment layers that were created for your screenshot can be dragged onto the neutral color LUT.


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